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We want to reassure you that there’s regular cleaning going on in the pub; all our crew will be washing their hands every twenty minutes and sanitising ‘touch points’ every half an hour. The tables and chairs will be cleaned after each customer. At every step, we’ll be following the highest of cleaning standards throughout the pub and in the kitchen.


Service at table and pub layout 

We’ll do our best to keep a safe distance where possible when taking orders and serving your table.

You’ll notice some changes to the way we’re laying the tables. To reduce the ‘contact’, we’re not laying tables. The same goes for the salt and peppers, which will be cleaned after every use.

We want to reassure you that care and consideration has gone into spacing the distance between the tables and positioning of the chairs.



Menus will only be used once and recycled afterwards.


Bar service

Much as life usually revolves around the bar, please resist the temptation to pop to it, we’ll look after you at the table.


Cashless and Tips

To reduce the handling of cash, we’ve gone ‘cashless’. We kindly ask you to use contactless wherever possible. If you would like to leave a tip, there’s now an option to do so when you’re paying your bill.



Toilets will be regularly cleaned and numbers visiting them at any one time will be restricted.


Government Test and Trace Scheme

We will ask for contact details from a member of each party as per the Government steer to collect information to ‘Test and trace’ if needed.


Children and dogs

Much as they like to, please don’t let them wander. We currently do not have play equipment in our garden but will introduce as soon as guidlines allow us to.



Our outside tables are not available to book, however a controlled queuing system will be in place at busy times.

We also respectfully ask that you don’t move tables around, they have been positioned with thought.


If you are feeling at all unwell, please save your visit for another day.


We hope you find all these changes reassuring and feel free to chat anything through with any of our crew when you visit.